What Is Exactly Is Email Marketing?


What Is Exactly Is Email Marketing? Posted on : January 3, 2022

Email marketing tool can throw a Huge Net at a low cost, it guaranteed delivery to your target customer to pay attention on your marketing message, the sent email message stays in your full audience account, in addition, it's brings you a better staying power, web traffic increase, build credibility as a business & sales generate power.

Email marketing is the immediate way to connect with target audience & existing customer. it able to giving you a big opportunity to deliver the important information to customer individually in short time and minimal budget

Many are taking expedience of this to send out of new product, services, newsletters or generate attention to special offers, and it is an inestimable marketing tool in building brand awareness and corporate reputation.

Before you run any email marketing campaign that need to develop a company marketing website, firstly, Must assign a professional Digital Marketing & Web Design Malaysia agency will help to build a stunning responsive web design with marketing element to meet your business goal.

Why email marketing is important In Business?  

Top 10 Activities or smartphones

Source: IDC Facebook "Always Connected".
Source: IDC Facebook "Always Connected".

Channel ROI Ratings

Even though that statistic indicates for marketers from many industries, B2B marketers report seeing a 47% higher click-through rate than your average B2C business.

And although social media platform has become an progressively important in (B2C) consumer but most of business is still rely on email, In fact, 86% of business & professionals still prefer to use email for business communicating business purposes.'


Email Marketing Campaign Process Flow

  1. Must Ready A Marketing Website Design
  2. Must Own An Email Marketing tool (EDM)
  3. Must Create An Email Message Template
  4. Must Ready An Email Groups
  5. Must Scheduling the email sending
  6. Must analysed prospective to maximise the sales conversion


What Email Marketing Can Apply In Your Business?

  • Events Invitation
  • e-Greeting card
  • Business Announcements
  • Promoting Products & Service
  • Viral the corporate video, demostration video, product/service video (online video hosting required)
  • Create Awareness of Your Brand
  • Survey Campaign
  • Newsletter
  • Build Customer Replationship