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DotMail, one platform to create, edit & send your emails as a team

Email is our prime mode of communication, 90% of business people are using email as primary channel of business communication up to 4 to 5 hours daily.

While 72% of ordinary people prefer to receive promotional and business content through email medium.

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In today’s business landscape, an effective email marketing tool stands as a key component for bolstering communication, engagement, and customer retention. Managing a multitude of emails can appear daunting, underscoring the importance of a reliable tool to streamline this process.

Enter DotMail—conceived out of necessity to tackle common challenges faced in the realm of email marketing. It repackages complexity into simplicity, providing a hassle-free experience to marketers.

Embrace DotMail—make the right choice, use it right, and witness the transformation in your email marketing operations.

Elevate your communication. Simplify your process. Achieve it all with DotMail.

Internet users use email daily
Marketer received their best ROI from email campaign
Retailers use email marketing for customer acquisition
All emails in the are opened on mobile devices