Guide that Bring Successful Email Marketing to a Beginner


Guide that Bring Successful Email Marketing to a Beginner Posted on : January 3, 2022

The first email in the word which is sent by computer engineer Ray Tomlinson in 1971. The email was simply a text message to himself. The modern communication era was beginning since that time till now is almost half a century.

Source: wikipedia
Source: wikipedia

Is email marketing going to a dead end?

With all the advancing of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & etc.), artificial intelligence, vlog (video blog), virtual reality and SEO & SEM tuning, email sometimes seem has lost its prime nowadays.

But if you considered email is dead, you might missing out on the real metrics within email world. The reality is, the usage of email still plays vary of important roles in the world. Especially the email marketing which still going strong today which is probably the best possible strategy and marketing tool for a business owner like you.


The evidence?

Based on research data of 2018 from, email marketing is still worth as the most effective marketing medium which is ranked ahead social media, affiliate marketing, display advertising and SEO

How could a decades-old technology stand out from all the hype over new channels and becoming the most applicable marketing approaches?


The answer is simply because the fact that most of the people use email more than other platforms for their daily working operation.  Based on the 2018 data research, 85% of adult Internet users in US are using email frequently.

Email usage beats out social media by 22% and search engines by 15%. Here is the reason why creating a successful email marketing campaign is important which engage your business to the right target audiences. However, most people cannot do the email marketing in a right way.

Here, you will learn how to start an email marketing campaign from ground up. An email marketing campaign can be divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Get permission

Phase 2: Follow through with right content

Phase 3: Analyse and make segmentation of email result

"Bear in mind that you are always a guest in the inbox"

People are often frustrated with interruption and advertisements everywhere they look. Thus, it is very important to use good manners, remember where you are when getting into someone’s inbox. It is just like being invited to their home, you must behave at all times and follow their house rules respectfully.


Phase 1: Get permission

Every email marketing campaign was created after permission is granted, firstly, we need to create our email group in a sizable list. There are many methods to do this, some might simply offer a newsletter or services updates.

When asking for an email address, you must have a clear purpose in mind which establish your credibility, elaborate what the emails are for and get people interested in receiving the content.

As a result, you can more people to subscribe by sharing a precise call to action or worth to submitting the email address. Some common ways of call to action as examples below:

  • Free eBooks or gifts
  • Updates of news release, product release
  • Free downloads
  • Free vouchers or promotion announcement


Phase 2: Follow through with right content

Sending out email to follow-up consistently is very crucial part after the first phrase. For instance, as you promised to have daily or weekly update for news release, in the end you cannot delivery, this could break the subscriber expectations.

Break someone expectations are likely to be just as upset in that case and could lead to people has less confident on you or your business. First follow-up email is so crucial to the success of the email marketing efforts.

Using scheduling Autoresponder

Following through with every single on all the time is impossible when your email marketing campaign getting more and more huge. The secret of top marketers of doing so is scheduling autoresponder email.

The email autoresponder will automatically sends out emails that you schedule in advance by specific date and time. Most of time, organisation will carry out a series emails in sequence of days to monthly basis which auto deliver email blasting to subscriber in your email list.

This method could make your new product or sale announcement to be more effective. Besides it tight up the relationship and engagement in between your company and customer over several weeks or month.


Phase 3: Analyse and make segmentation of email result

After phase one and two, we need to go for next level which you need to analyse and segmenting your email marketing feedback. This could bring even better results than a basic campaign.

Email analytics has no differences of website analytics. For email marketing, we need to focus three important facts: open rate, click through rate (CTR) and unsubscribes. With Dotmail (an email marketing tool) platform, you could easily know complimentary analytic in Sent log module.

Firstly, Open rate is high, mean people are excited to read your emails and open them quickly. Whereas the open is low, you might need to reconsider the content, work harder on writing value statement.

Secondly, CTR, it shows the rate that people clicked on a link that generated in the email. When CTR is low, mean your message is not targeted enough, in that case, you might need to improve the message content.

Lastly, unsubscribe rate shows how many people withdraw from your email campaign. If the rate is high, you might have a serious work to fix.

Email analytics are critical if you are paying enough attention. By looking them in deep of the rates as mentioned, you mostly could know the clues of fixing the wrong doing in your email marketing campaign.



Time to revaluate your business strategy if you have missed out the strength of email marketing. Email marketing is not just a tool for blasting email to someone, it is a tool that could bring you large business values, such as: sale engagement, client retention, create product awareness and etc.