How To Increase Open Rates and Response Rates

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How To Increase Open Rates and Response Rates Posted on : September 10, 2022

Having a large email list is great, but if no one is opening your emails, what’s the point? 

If they aren’t clicking the links or responding to your emails, then is it really worth it? 

Did you know that the average open rate is 21% and the average click-thru rate is 9%? 

There are a few ways to increase your open rate (and your click-thru and response rates). 

  • Clean/Scrape Your list 
  • Include first name in subject line 
  • Catchy or startling subject lines 
  • Optimize email preview text and ensure its clean-cut 
  • Create attractive visual artwork 
  • Showing brand/company logo in footer is important 
  • Include high resolution images to showcase your products/service 
  • Ensure page links in your emails are clearly visible & link directly to the subject 
  • Ensure your emails are mobile-friendly to maximise opens. 
  • Recommending develop a landing page/microsite for email campaign are more engaging. 
Re-targeting with potential customers – email marketing campaign

Have you ever had someone inquiry about your products & services, but end up they never coming back to you once received the information at the first time? Using the email marketing software for re-targeting with potential customers is one of the best channels & cost effective.

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